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Zodiac Sign- Gemini

Sabbat- Ostara

Planet- Mercury

Element- Air, Earth

Chakra- Brow, Throat

God/Goddess- None aside from normal Jasper

What it's good for- Reflection of the duality of dark and light, Helpful in shamanistic journeying, Helps in getting in touch with your power animal, Strengthens sense of self, Attracts energies for healing, Aids in moving past trauma, Guides you to new oppertunities

Type of rock- Igneous 

Jasper, Leopardskin

SKU: JaLE003
  • If the stone is broken or in some way defected when you recive it we will have included a return label and we will either send you a new one or return your money back upon reciving the item back.

  • There may be slight color variants in the stone due to it all being different, unique pieces of the earth.

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