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About Us


This business endeavor started in 2018 even though I have been crafting as long as I can remember. I have always loved to make things and I slowly but surely began to create a stockpile of items that were beautiful but gathering dust. Originally, it was only me testing out some of my crazy ideas until my mom suggested that I try and sell them. The Crescent Perch was born and I have been slowly working my way towards a website of my own. My hope for this site is that everyone is able to find something they can love.


On that note, I also have several friends with smaller inventories than mine who have items listed here as well. I have marked these items and listed who made them. May all that have visited this sight have a blessed day. 


You can also find us here:

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Artists who are on the Site

The amazing photographer who has done all of my photos so far, is the amazing Amber Parks. She runs her own small photography business as well. You can find her here. Her photos of families and such are truly quite pretty. Please help support her business if you are able.

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