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Zodiac Sign- Aries

Sabbat- Imbolc

Planet- Mars

Element- Water

Chakra- Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

God/Goddess- Brigid, Dione, Persephone, Archangle Rapheal, Black Madonna, Isis

What it's good for- strength, courage, change, renwal, protection, emotinal well-being and balance, flow of life energy, calm the mind; said to cleanse the blood, improve circulation, and bolster the immune system

Type of rock- Heliotrope (this is a microcrystolization of quarts and hemitite (which are the blood red spots))

Dragon's Blood Jasper Moons

  • If the stone is broken or in some way defected when you recive it we will have included a return label and we will either send you a new one or return your money back upon reciving the item back.

  • There may be slight color variants in the stone due to it all being different, unique pieces of the earth.

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